Can Green Tea Be Used to Get Rid of Lipomas

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Lipomas are soft fatty deposits about the size of a garden pea that form under the surface of the skin. The direct cause of a lipoma is still something of a mystery and why we get them is generally put down to being a family trait. But treating them is something which has taken up interest, particularly for those interested in natural remedies and who prefer to use herbal cures as opposed to the more traditional surgical approach.

Known worldwide for its valuable detoxifying properties, green tea is now a popular choice when it comes to treating lipomas. Green tea is without a down a fantastic fat burner so what better dietary habit to adopt than a regular dose of green tea on a daily basis. By including green tea as part of your daily intake, the body’s metabolism increases which in term helps to burn off fat and potentially keep those lipomas at bay.

As well as using green tea as part of your treatment plan for lipomas there are also several lifestyle changes you can make. Eating a healthy diet is paramount to living a healthy life and it couldn’t be truer when we hear the phrase you are what you eat. Since lipomas consist of fatty lumps it is perhaps a good idea to look at the most obvious food choice and minimise the intake of fat. By reducing the volume of fatty foods you intake you will ultimately contribute to the prevention of more lipomas from developing.

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