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What Is a Lipoma

Located under the skin, a lipoma is in fact a small growth of fat cells most commonly found in the neck, the torso, upper arms and thighs and armpits. Lipomas can be found anywhere in the body either as a singular growth or several but are harmless non cancerous soft tissue growths. It is not known what triggers off the development of a lipoma although it is thought that they tend to be inherited, so if you have a family member with lipomas the odds are you […]

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The Facts About Lipomas

Discovering a lump is a worrying experience for anyone and the first thing you should do it seek medical advice in order to have whatever it is diagnosed and treated. Lipomas are non cancerous soft fatty lumps which appear under the skin but often we are too afraid to have them checked out for fear it may be something more serious. With around one in every hundred developing a lipoma, they are pretty common and many will have a lipoma without even realising. Those lipomas that are […]

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Lipoma Removal

For the most part lipomas due not pose any problems and no treatment is necessary. However, in some cases a lipoma, although painless, can cause distress especially when their presence or appearance generates aesthetic complications. Lipoma removal is performed by a simple procedure where an excision is made over the lump and the fatty tumour is removed. The skin is then stitched up and within a short period of time the sutures heal leaving a scar. Overall, a lipmoma can be removed following a local anaesthetic and […]

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