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The Reoccurrence of Lipomas

Lipomas, although generally painless and harmless can come in various sizes and at times become problematic. Located under the skins surface, a lipoma is a soft moveable lump composed of fat cells generally thought to be the result of a genetic or hereditary factor. Lipomas can grow but generally they do not develop beyond one to two centimetres in size. In the instance where lipomas are on the large size or present themselves in an unsightly cluster formation underneath the skin, surgery can be considered to remove […]

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Herbal Treatments for Lipomas

As with any health complaint or medical condition prevention and treatment can always start by looking at our lifestyle and diet. The presence of a lipoma is a relatively common condition, classified as a fatty lump found just below the skins surface. They are harmless and generally painless growths of fat cells, which are more often than none either left alone or removed surgically if they become bothersome. Upon diagnosis, most health professionals will tend to stir the patient away from surgery. This is perhaps due to […]

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Lifestyle Changes and Lipomas

Lipomas are pretty common amongst us and for many we may not even be aware that we even have any present underneath our skin. More often than not a lipoma can grow and deposit itself within the body without us ever knowing. It is not unless a lipoma grows to a size that makes detection obvious or becomes either infected or uncomfortable that we would even worry about these little fatty lumps and what is the cause behind them. Lifestyle changes are always up there as the […]

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