Herbal Treatments for Lipomas

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As with any health complaint or medical condition prevention and treatment can always start by looking at our lifestyle and diet. The presence of a lipoma is a relatively common condition, classified as a fatty lump found just below the skins surface. They are harmless and generally painless growths of fat cells, which are more often than none either left alone or removed surgically if they become bothersome.

Upon diagnosis, most health professionals will tend to stir the patient away from surgery. This is perhaps due to the non serious nature of a lipoma but also as a result of the many herbal remedies than have now proven to be just as effective.

There are more and more people opting for the more natural approach when it comes to treating health complaints and in nearly all cases it is down to what we put in our bodies that can make all the difference to the way with live and just how healthy our bodies are. Lipomas, although thought to be primarily inherited, can develop in just about any area of the body but the cause is what continues to be unclear.

Some of the most effective herbal treatments of lipomas include the herb Tumeric. Experts believe that in a powdered form turmeric mixed with olive oil has dramatic healing properties. By applying this herbal mixture to the fatty lumps the appearance of the lipomas is said to soften and even reduce in size. Likewise, the herb Chickweed, available in health shops is also known to be effective in the reduction in size of a lipoma. Herbs are renowned for detoxing and healing the body and given that lipomas are a result of a fatty deposit, certain herbs can be used to help the body filter and break down those fats that otherwise get left behind and form clusters in and around the body.

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