How to Treat Lipomas

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Lipomas are benign lumps of fatty tissue cells that grow under the skin’s surface. They are generally soft to the touch and are easily moveable when pressed. Unless they develop in a sensitive area of the body are near a nerve, lipomas do not cause any distress to the individual. However, given they can grow anywhere in the body, it is known for a lipoma to not only cause discomfort but also disfigurement.

As soon as a lipoma is diagnosed and anything else of a more serious nature disguarded, such as a cancerous tumor, then removal can be considered. The most common ways to treat lipomas are by surgery, laser treatment, liposuction and even a steroid injection. As a rule, unless the lipoma causes great stress to the patient it is advised to leave them be. Often your local doctor will refuse to remove a lipoma given it is not a life threatening growth and so unless the location of it is in a sensitive area, cosmetic treatment is generally rules out.

More natural treatments are now also becoming a popular choice to treat lipomas and the preferred option for those who do not what the bother or even scars that come with surgery. Certain natural oils such as castor and flax oil are thought to dissolve lipomas when used over time or at the very least prevent them from growing.

Known for its detoxifying properties, lemon juice is said to stimulate the liver allowing the body to break down and digest the fats present in the body. This in turn can help reduce the growth and certainly size of these fatty lumps known as lipomas.

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