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Lipoma Removal

For the most part lipomas due not pose any problems and no treatment is necessary. However, in some cases a lipoma, although painless, can cause distress especially when their presence or appearance generates aesthetic complications. Lipoma removal is performed by a simple procedure where an excision is made over the lump and the fatty tumour is removed. The skin is then stitched up and within a short period of time the sutures heal leaving a scar. Overall, a lipmoma can be removed following a local anaesthetic and […]

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Can Green Tea Be Used to Get Rid of Lipomas

Lipomas are soft fatty deposits about the size of a garden pea that form under the surface of the skin. The direct cause of a lipoma is still something of a mystery and why we get them is generally put down to being a family trait. But treating them is something which has taken up interest, particularly for those interested in natural remedies and who prefer to use herbal cures as opposed to the more traditional surgical approach. Known worldwide for its valuable detoxifying properties, green tea […]

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Lifestyle Changes and Lipomas

Lipomas are pretty common amongst us and for many we may not even be aware that we even have any present underneath our skin. More often than not a lipoma can grow and deposit itself within the body without us ever knowing. It is not unless a lipoma grows to a size that makes detection obvious or becomes either infected or uncomfortable that we would even worry about these little fatty lumps and what is the cause behind them. Lifestyle changes are always up there as the […]

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